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Common Lisp is a programming language that has grown out of the long history surrounding the Lisp Family of Languages. A design goal of Common Lisp was portability. Implementations that adhere to the ANSI standard provide a stable environment for writing and deploying programs on a number of different platforms. Nick Levine and Kent Pitman have written an excellent overview of why programmers use Common Lisp:

Common Lisp - Myths & Legends


Common Lisp HyperSpec

ANSI Common Lisp Reference

Common Lisp the Language 2nd Edition

CMUCL User's Manual

Allegro CL Product Documentation


CLX Manual

CLIM 2.0 User Guide

Common Lisp Cookbook


Graham's List



Ray Tracing Example

code from Norvig's book PAIP

elisp emulation - cl as language laboratory
... CLOCC has lots of other cool stuff too.

CMU Common Lisp - browsing the source code of this implementation can be instructive.

CMU AI Repository

AllegroServe - jkf's controversial coding style

SERIES Comon Lisp Package

code from Graham's books

The Prism Radiation Treatment Planning Project

The Sensory Graphplan

The Common Lisp Analytical Statistics Package

Irvine Machine Learning Programs

Calendrical Calculations

Google Web Directory - Lisp Software


Source Access vs Dynamism

Lisp as an Alternative to Java

Tutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style

Richard P. Gabriel Essays

Brief History of the Lisp Language

Index of Kent Pitman’s Technical Papers

Pragmatic Parsing in Common Lisp

Some Useful Lisp Algorithms: Part 2

ALU Research Papers

Link Collections / tag / lisp / popular / lisp

Cliki index

The Association of Lisp Users

Google Web Directory - Lisp


Practical Common Lisp
by Peter Seibel

Paradigms of AI Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp
(aka PAIP) by Peter Norvig

ANSI Common Lisp
by Paul Graham

On Lisp
by Paul Graham